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Baichim has been founded in 2000 and its main object of activity is the import and the distribution on the Romanian market of chemicals, relating to the following industrial fields:
- chemistry and petro chemistry;
- varnish and paint;
- accessories and products for automobile industry;
- pharmaceutics and cosmetics;
- detergents and disinfectants;
- wood protection in constructions;
- other, according to the demand.

We have a team of professional chemists having a broad experience in the production field and in the end products use, as well. We can supply technical assistance to our customers, starting from the project planning phase of the receptures until the industrial production. We consider to be very important not only the quality of the offered products, but also the support granted to our customers regarding the fulfillment of the legislation, relating to the usage and manipulation of the offered products.

Our main contract partners are the following:
- Bayer AG;
- Cargill GmbH;
- Chriwa GmbH;
- Eigenmann & Veronelli SpA;
- Huntsman GmbH;
- Musim Mas
- ICOF Europe GmbH;
- Nymco Spa;
- Saltigo GmbH;
- Sasol GmbH;
- Synthesia Espanola S.A.;
- Vink Chemicals GmbH & Co. KG.

Warehouse facilities: packed and bulk products in advantageous locations.

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