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The Company Baichim has concluded exclusive contracts, agent contracts and exclusive representation, trade contracts or exclusive output agreement for distribution, or distribution ordinary agreements in Romania with the following concerns, industrial groups and companies, specialized in the production of raw materials and specific equipments for the chemical industry:

- Bayer AG
- Biopetrol Industries AG - exclusive in Romania
- BP - Oil International Ltd.
- Cargill GmbH
- Chriwa GmbH
- Eigenmann & Veronelli SpA
- Huntsman GmbH
- Musim Mas - ICOF Europe GmbH
- Nymco Spa
- Saltigo GmbH - exclusive in Romania
- Sasol GmbH
- Synthesia Espanola S.A
- Vink Chemicals GmbH & Co. KG - exclusive in

For the specific products of the above mentioned companies, we are waiting for your requests and we guarantee you a prompt and professional service.

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